Hi there! welcome to our website www.kenyansp.co.ke that was created to help and create awareness in the world of business. By saying business, this covers all the fields in business including loans.

this website was created to educate the youths on various ways they can make money. we as kenyansp will keep on researching on the best deal you can get in the world of business, guide you step by step on the factors to consider in order to be successful in their field of business and loans.

www,kenyanp.co.ke is a Kenyan based website run by youths to inspire other youths. the guide are based on research and facts that are actually real. before any content is posted to our websites, it is check by different editors to make sure that the information provided is 100% legit.

Before starting this website, my team and I used to write to opera news. our articles would trent for three days then it would be forgotten and never read again. that made us sad because we could not pass the knowledge and opprtunities to young entrepreneurs who are in need of identifying business opportunities. That is when we decided to start our own website where our contents will always be available to everyone who searched for it.

This web/blog is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs in the modern world.

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